GNU Health Debian Apt Repository


GNU Health is a Free Health and Hospital Information System that provides the following functionalities:

  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

  • Hospital Information System (HIS)

  • Health Information System

This site provides distribution packages by Debian Tryton Maintainers, that are available for Debian stable, testing and unstable.

With the intent to provide a common installation method the GNU Health Project provides an installation method using a bash script (see also the GNU Health Installation Guide). Since this script aims to be distribution agnostic, it uses methods that do not integrate well with best practices on Debian systems.

A short listing of the advantages when using proper Debian packages:

  • Full automatic handling of package dependencies.

  • Full integration with apt, the distribution package manager (e.g. automatic update of the GNU Health installation together with system updates).

  • Security support for distribution packages for the lifetime of the distribution.

  • Integration of the daemon start and maintenance (e.g. configuration and start of the daemon provided by the integrated init system).

  • Management of the server with distribution tools.

Quick Start

For the quick and impatient there exists a Docker Setup for GNU Health Demoserver, that allows one to get up and running easily a ready-to-use GNU Health Demo server based on Debian packages (see below).

What is different from Tryton core modules?

Only the numbering schema. GNU Health modules are technically just another set of Tryton modules. The only difference to bear in mind is that the GNU Health Project uses a different numbering schema compared to the targeted Tryton series. So you have to gather just the correct Tryton series to match the GNU Health modules you want to use.

Tryton series to GNU Health series

The pattern is following the schema

GNU Health Series

Tryton Series








If you want to install GNU Health 3.0, use the Tryton series 3.8.

Just proceed to install the sources.list for Tryton 3.8 as described under Tryton Debian Apt Repository and you will automatically get the appropriate GNU Health modules.

For the server configuration please refer as usual to /usr/share/doc/tryton-server/README.Debian on your Debian system or look at the latest version of README.Debian in the VCS.


Packaging by Debian Tryton Maintainers has started from GNU Health series 2.8.

The Health modules

GNU Health modules are individually packaged and installable in the style of all Tryton modules in Debian to provide the modularity of the framework on installation level.

For ease of installation there are special modules available providing common setups:

For installing the GNU Health base profile (incl. server)

# apt-get install tryton-modules-health-profile

For installing all GNU Health modules at once (incl. server, e.g. for testing)

# apt-get install tryton-modules-health-all

Demo Database

To ease the initial contact with GNU Health we have created an easy to use docker setup based on packages from This docker based setup provides a ready-to-use GNU Health Demoserver using the same database that is used in the GNU Health Online Demo Database.

Instructions for the usage of this docker setup can be found at

Debian Blends

GNU Health packages are part of Debian Med Blends.