The download URLs can also be found on the summary of each package (s.a. gitweb).

Anonymous download

Via git protcol

$ git clone git://<package>.git

Via https protcol

$ git clone<package>.git

Authenticated download (Developers with push access)

Via ssh protcol

$ git clone git+ssh://<username><package>.git

With ssh key registered on the server

$ git clone git+ssh://<package>.git

Download of the complete tree

Shell script

for package in `wget -q -O -`; do
      git clone git://$package;

Checkout and update using mr

A good tool for maintaining repsoitory trees is mr (multirepository).

# apt-get install mr
$ man mr

Create mr configuration with script

# apt-get install mr git-stuff
$ wget -q
$ ./create_mrconfig
$ echo "/path/to/your/.mrconfig" >> ~/.mrtrust

Checkout all packages

$ mr co

Update all packages

$ mr up